Sentrex BioSponge is a perfect compliment to your wound treatment strategy!

Easy to Use
Case 1: Sentrex BioSponge™ used on an open tibial plateau fracture
  • Open tibial plateau fracture previously treated with antibiotic-loaded polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) beads
  • Hydrated Sentrex BioSponge™ is placed at fracture site under negative pressure wound therapy between washouts

Case 2: Sentrex BioSponge™ used on an open, complex pilon fracture
  • Open pilon fracture with multiple wound sites previously treated with antibiotic-loaded PMMA beads
  • Sentrex BioSponge™ easily conforms to wounds
  • Sentrex BioSponge™ can be placed in shallow wound beds where bead therapy is difficult
  • Sentrex BioSponge™ provides greater surface area coverage compared to PMMA beads
  • Sentrex BioSponge™ placed in multiple wounds under NPWT

Fast and Effective
Case 3: Sentrex BioSponge™ used on chronic wounds

  • Decubitus heel ulcer with long-term colonization that impaired healing
  • Sentrex BioSponge™ is placed at wound site under NPWT

The proof is in the science!

Extensive pre-clinical research has shown that the patented manufacturing process of Sentrex BioSponge™ produces a microporous, hydrophilic matrix capable of rapidly hydrating and maintaining moisture transmission for an extended period of time. Scientific literature is available upon request.  

Sentrex BioSponge™
  • Easy to use
  • Rapidly hydrates in solution
  • Aids in local treatment of wounds under NPWT
  • Versatile
  • Can conform to three-dimensional wound surface and provide complete wound coverage
  • Can be placed in shallow wounds
Rapid hydration coupled with easy handling and compatibility with NPWT make Sentrex BioSponge™ an optimal choice to support healing.